Sunday, March 3, 2013

Workers can get it done, how about students?

Assalamualaikum and very good day. Perhaps you might somehow think that you are going to stop learning in higher education and rest for a while. Well, were are all in comfort zone. Sometimes chit chatting is a better job to do while we have the time. So let me get straight to the point. Not that I'am proud of my mother, but the story should be told so that we could learn from our mistakes.

  • Firstly, she is a working woman. Busy in the office, busy in the house. Phone calls every single time. Even when we are having our dinner together. 
  •  Secondly, she is a mother of two. Only phone calls we could get connected on weekdays. That is only on lunch time. By the time she gets home, we already gone asleep. So tough situation for my siblings there.
  • Thirdly, my dad's always going on outstation works. Kapit, Sarawak for 6 months. Pahang for 2 years. That is what we called 'lumrah hidup'. Alhamdulillah she manage to survive and she just graduated for her master program in administration at UUM.

Determination and anticipation should do the trick. So are we friends. If a female with tonnes of works can do the work, what if students like us, whom always on the facebook 24/7 doing nothing?

Segalanya datang dari Allah, yang baik dan yang buruk, tetapi atas kesalahan saya sendiri yang lemah ilmu iman dan amal.
Hanya menyampaikan. As salam

Izzulhusni is blogging back

Assalamualaikum and very good day to you guys whom reading this. Personally, this blog had been not updated since the prehistoric age where flintstones still lived. So in this media, i am here to say sorry to all of you whom reading this blog since past few hours/days/years due to my immature behaviour. I know its a lot to take, teachers and thinkers are saying "What the fuck is this kid writing in his blog?!". Well its ending now. Care to read my blog after this. It would be legendary. After some times, I feel like doing this all over again. To write, to express my ideas so that it can build up my personalities. Forgetting my past, I want to be the new Izzul. That's all. Thank you :)